My name is Tatjana Sidorenko, also known as tasidonya. I am a 3rd year PhD student in Defence and Security at Cranfield University (UK). My project is titled “Agent-Based Modelling of Offensive Actors in Cyberspace” and focuses on understanding a hacker’s mindset. I like information security, and my background is in Computer Science.

I made this website to publish writeups and any cybersecurity-related findings I find interesting, as well as productivity tips (I love keyboard shortcuts and command line!)

When I am not doing my work, I like doing yoga, epoxy resin projects and customise/organise everything that I can get my hands on.

I am still changing things here, so you may want to come back in a bit!

You can find me on Twitter and HackTheBox

Why tasidonya?

I wanted a short and snappy derivative from my name. Tatjana shortens to Tanya and ‘sido’ are the first 4 letters of my surname. I tried multiple variations of combining ‘tanya’ and ‘sido’ but ‘tasidonya’ seemed to be the most successful combo!